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Paperwork associated with commemorative airmail box


Paperwork associated with commemorative airmail box

Object information

Physical description

Photocopied documents relating to Charles Ulm and the history of the airmail box.including a page from the Antique Trade Gazette referring to the auction. There is also a commemorative envelope with New Zealand stamps addressed to 'Mrs E. Claridge / Poste Restante / Auckland / N. Z,'. Printed along the foot of the envelope is the text 'SPECIAL AIR MAIL DEC. 1933 / Auckland - Invercargill NON-STOP'. To the left of this is an image of Charles Ulm with the words 'Faith in Australia' printed beneath and a map of New Zealand with a picture of an aircraft superimposed on it.

Statement of significance

The Glenn Piper collection consists of a commemorative airmail box carried Charles Ulm in 'Faith in Australia' from Australia to New Zealand in December 1933, gifted to Lord Charles Wakefield, of the Wakefield Oil Company, from Roslyn Fostr Bowie Philp; a copy of the book 'Faith in Australia' by Ulm's secretary Ellen Rogers; and a collection of associated paperwork - including a flyer for Castrol Oil and a page from the Antique Trade Gazette.

On 3 December, Charles Ulm piloted his aircraft 'Faith in Australia' from Richmond aerodrome, New South Wales, to Plymouth, New Zealand, carrying his wife Mary and secretary Ellen Rogers as passengers, and a collection of unofficial airmail. After landing in Plymouth on 4 December, Mary Ulm and Rogers became the first women to fly across the Tasman Sea. Ulm then toured New Zealand, promoting the benefits of aviation and carrying the first official airmail from Auckland to Invercargill. In February 1934, Ulm returned to Australia, carrying the first official airmail from New Zealand to Australia, then making the return flight in April 1934. After taking a strong interest in aircraft, Lord Charles Wakefield developed a new engine lubricant called 'Castrol', and the Wakefield Oil Company supported numerous aviators, including sponsoring Ulm on the December 1933 flight to New Zealand.

Object information

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