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Coburg Amateur Cycling Club 1931 special prize trophy won by Reg Goodwin


Coburg Amateur Cycling Club 1931 special prize trophy won by Reg Goodwin

Object information

Physical description

A circular silver-plated presentation cup with a spread pedestal foot attached to a dark timber base. Leatherette is attached at the bottom covering the base. The inscription on the cup partially reads 'COBURG A.C.C. SPECIAL PRIZE / WON BY / R. GOODWIN / Oct 17th 1931'.

Statement of significance

This collection consists of seven prize-winners' trophies and four medallions and membership badges acquired by champion amateur cyclist Reginald Alfred Goodwin (1914-1997) during the early 1930s. The collection also includes a small silky oak box with satin and velvet inlay, presented to his mother, Mabel Goodwin, by the Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships Association in 1959. The majority of the collection demonstrates Goodwin's successes as a member of Melbourne's Coburg Amateur Cycling Club (CACC). The collection as a whole is in a good state of conservation.

The bicycle has played an important role in Australia since the 1880s, both for sport and as means of transportation. The 'Reg Goodwin collection' offers insight into the contribution of early twentieth century Victorian bicycle clubs to the popularity of amateur riding. The highlight of Goodwin's career was his attainment of two Australian track records: the 1000 metres and one mile time trials of 1933 and 1934. Many of his contemporaries at the CACC also rose to prominence during the inter-war era.

Object information

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