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'Life. Be in it' Come 'n Try Gardening poster


'Life. Be in it' Come 'n Try Gardening poster

Object information


This poster features 'Aunty Ivy', one of many characters created by graphic designer and animator Alex Stitt in the course of the highly successful 'Life. Be in it.' public health campaign. The 'Aunty Ivy' character was based on Sydney gardening personality, Ivy Lovric. She encouraged people to get out into the garden, enjoy the fresh air, grow some vegetables and, without even realising it, improve their health.

Physical description

A multi-coloured 'Life. Be in it' poster, titled 'Come'n Try Gardening'. Below the title text are the words 'Gardening is an activity / that relaxes, builds / fitness, & can be / creative.' It has a yellow border and a picture of a cartoon woman holding a watering can in a garden with 'Aunty Ivy' written on her t-shirt.

Statement of significance

The Ivy Lovric collection comprises sixteen objects relating to the life and career of Sydney gardening expert, Ivy Lovric. The objects include two posters from the 'Life. Be in it' Come 'n Try Gardening campaign, featuring the Aunty Ivy character, five badges and two well-used rubber stamps. The collection also includes objects associated with Ivy's career, prior to her involvement in the 'Life. Be in it' campaign.

Ivy Lovric was one of many married women to enter the workforce in post-war Australia. Her career in retail gardening included management roles in Woolworths, Grace Bros and Nock and Kirby's hardware store. Television appearances on the Nock and Kirby's Home Show, and later, talkback radio, enabled Ivy to share her knowledge and passion for gardening with an audience. She became well known in the gardening community, and was approached to become involved in the 'Life. Be in it' Come 'n Try Gardening campaign. Ivy Lovric was the inspiration for the character of 'Aunty Ivy'.

Object information

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