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Grass tree gum sample - used to fix stone flakes to kodj axe


Grass tree gum sample - used to fix stone flakes to kodj axe

Object information

Physical description

A solid chunk of dark coloured resin from a grass tree. Part of the lump is smooth and shiny and part of it is rough. There is some plant debris embedded in the rough sections. It has a red tinge to it.

Statement of significance

The collection comprises five handmade artefacts; two kodj axes, two resin samples, and a 'killing stick', all made by Larry Blight in 2012.

Larry Blight is from the Minang community of Albany, WA. He has spent significant time teaching Minang culture and practices such as weapon making in schools and universities. The knowledge, materials and techniques used in the making of kodj axes are unique to the southern Western Australian region. These items highlight the transfer of cultural knowledge from one generation to the next. They also represent Blight's work in communicating Minang and Noongar culture amongst the wider community.

Object information

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