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Tirranna Picnic Race Club Programme, 14 January 1897


Tirranna Picnic Race Club Programme, 14 January 1897

Object information

Physical description

A Tirranna Picnic Race Club programme, 14th January 1897. The programme has light blue covers. On the front is a picture of horses racing set amongst the printed text 'Tirranna / PICNIC RACE CLUB / ANNUAL MEETING / FIRST DAY / THURSDAY. / January 14th, 1897. / Daniel Bros, Printers, Goulburn.'. The middle pages of the booklet have the name of each race and details of the horses running. At the front and the back are pages with a list of horses running in each race divided by perforated lines. There are handwritten notes in pencil and black ink throughout.

Statement of significance

The Tirranna Race Club collection comprises a complete series of minute books and other official records, documents and photographs associated with the Tirranna Race Club, which operated in the Goulburn district of southern NSW from 1855 until the early 1930s. After the Club disbanded, the collection was cared for by the Gibson family, on whose property the Tirranna picnic races were held each January. Most collection items are in fair condition.

As one of the earliest country race clubs established, the Tirranna Race Club helped found the Australian picnic races tradition. Picnic races allowed prosperous rural families to display their wealth and maintain social connections.The rules of the Tirranna Race Club held that only club members could enter horses or ride in races. Within a pastoral setting of summer hills, attendees at the Tirranna picnic races donned the latest, expensive fashions and together created a visual spectacle.

Object information

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