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'Gordon Boy's Homes Highett Intermediate Atheltics 1965 Kevin Mulholland' trophy


'Gordon Boy's Homes Highett Intermediate Atheltics 1965 Kevin Mulholland' trophy

Object information

Physical description

A metal and plastic trophy with the inscription 'GORDON BOY'S HOMES / Highett / Intermediate Athletics / 1965 / KEVIN MULHOLLAND'.

Statement of significance

The David Mulholland collection comprises a photograph album, two trophies, a moneybox with coins and a one pound note, as well as 12 songs recorded by David Mulholland, each on a separate CD.

David Mulholland is a Forgotten Australian, the name used by many of those who spent all or some of their childhood in children?s homes and similar institutions. He suffered abuse as a child in the 1960s and this has greatly affected him ever since. He was placed in a children's home in his mid-teens, because of difficulties in his family. As with most children in such institutions, he had few personal possessions. He and his brother Kevin won a series of races at an athletics event, probably in 1965. The trophies in this collection are replicas of those they won, with the originals either never given to the boys, or later taken away from them. Similarly, Mulholland has replaced the moneybox he had as a child with a replica, as the original was taken off him. The photograph album includes several photographs of family members, some of whom had an adverse effect on Mulholland when he was a child. He has scratched out or removed their faces in reaction to this. To help him cope with the effects of childhood abuse, Mulholland later wrote and recorded several songs about his childhood experiences.

Object information

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