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Sir Colin MacKenzie

Object information


The subject of this painting is Sir Colin MacKenzie (1877-1938), orthopaedist, comparative anatomist and philanthropist. Founder of the Australian Institute of Anatomical Research in St Kilda, Melbourne, and the founder and first Director of the Australian Institute of Anatomy in Canberra. He was also the second President of the Canberra-based Royal Society of Australia, and the inspiration for the Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary in Healesville, Victoria.

Physical description

Oil painting of Sir Colin MacKenzie wearing a dark jacket, white shirt, and a dark tie, in a gilded frame.

Object information


  • Associated period

  • 1920-1927
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  • Period that MacKenzie was involved with the creation of a reserve at Healesville, which was the embryo for The Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary for Australian Flora and Fauna that opened in 1934



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