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'Benjiman the Salmon' by Andrew Brown


'Benjiman the Salmon' by Andrew Brown

Object information


"One day I catch two great big salmon. When I went home ... I cook one for myself. And I gave one to my Aunty and Uncle ... and they gave me a cart to drive down the beach. And I caught two big snapper and one more salmon on the ramp. And I went fishing with my Uncle big boat and I catch two fat barrundi in the creek and I go to catch big mangrove jack ... ohhhh yum!" -Andrew Brown, 2002

Physical description

A linocut print in black ink on white paper depicting a salmon viewed from the side, with a mountain and the sun depicted in the background. Handwritten text in pencil below the print reads 'Benjiman salmon Andrew / BRown[sic]'. The linocut is mounted under black matt-board.

Object information

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