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'Snake, Aboriginal flag and Dugong 2' by Christopher Johnson


'Snake, Aboriginal flag and Dugong 2' by Christopher Johnson

Object information


"We are going hunting for dugong. Snake ... we saw a big snake crawling in the trees. Aboriginal flag ... we like to hold the Aboriginal flag ... and the Aboriginal flag is good for people because they like Aboriginal flag ... and we eat lots of dugong ... and dugong is nice to eat." - Christopher Johnson, 2002

Physical description

A linocut print in black ink on white paper depicting a snake, the Aboriginal flag and a dugong, arranged with the flag at the centre, the dugong above, and the snake surrounding them in a U shape with its' head in the upper right corner. Handwritten text in pencil below the print reads 'snake, Aborigal[sic], Flag and Dugong / Chris'. The linocut is mounted under black matt-board.

Object information

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