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Carved and mounted coconut

Object information

Physical description

A carved coconut is attached to a length of cane, the distal end of which is doubled over and bound with brown fibre to form a narrow loop. The loop is decorated with black resin that has grey shells and red seeds embedded in it. The proximal end of the cane is bound with brown fibre above which a claw is attached to it by string tied through a hole in the claw. Between the proximal end and the loop are broad leaves bound lengthwise at their distal end by string, towards which the width of the bound leaves grows, forming a conical shape, leaving room for the coconut between the bound section of the leaves and the cane loop. There are the worn remains of wide red and yellow bands around the width of the leaves. A little more than half of the coconut has the husk removed, where it faces the cane loop, and is decorated with carved semi-circles. On either side of this carved region is a decorative border extending from the leaves to the top of the coconut, formed by two rows of elongated grey shells flanking a single row of round red and black seeds, which are all embedded in black resin. This decorative arrangement is matched by the decoration on the cane loop.

Object information

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