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Looking along Main Street, Blackheath, from the Railway Station.


Object information





W 138mm x H 88mm


Physical Description

A postcard featuring a black and white photograph of a scene with buildings and a train station, and messages on the front and back. The image shows a railway track next to a platform with buildings on it. The buildings have gabled rooves and one has two chimneys and a verandah that extends over the platform. There is a picket fence and a railing fence along the left side dividing the railway track from the road. The road has several horses and carriages on it, and some multistorey buildings next to it in the background. At the right of the photograph is the text "Looking along Main Street, Blackheath, from the Railway Station. Next to this text is a handwritten message that reads "Hope you have not got this / [---?]". The address on the back reads "Mr R. W. Scales / "Bayview Cottage" / 6 Smith Street / Balmain". The message on the back starts "Toorak / 27-6-07 / Just to Set you / Know we are Still alive / Hope you are not washed / away with the rain....".

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