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Custom-made hay baling hooks


Custom-made hay baling hooks

Object information


Cranston designed his own light-weight hooks and had them made by a friend at Periway workshops in Goulburn. The hooks were turned from flat bars to tapered round points with slightly varying curves on each hook. A hollow pipe was used for the handle. The curve of the hook depended on the use - open hooks for easy release when throwing the bale on the truck; closer hooks for maneuvering bales around into position.

Physical description

A custom-made, fitter-and-turned hay-baling hook turned from a flat bar to tapered round point. A hollow pipe has been used for the handle and there is surface rust covering most of the hook except for a few small areas. 'B.CRANSTON' is engraved into the base of the hook before the handle.

Statement of significance

The collection consists of four hand-turned baling hooks, a pair of custom-made leather chaps, an oil painting by the donor, and five photographs of the Cranston family's hay-carting heritage.

The pioneering ingenuity of Australian farmers to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems resulted in some of the first agricultural and farming implements and machinery to be devised in Australia. The light-weight, custom-made hay baling hooks and leather chaps are an important addition to the Museum's representation of Australian farm labour and associated industries. They reference the ingenuity of individual manual labourers in the face of increasing mechanisation of agricultural practices.

Object information

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