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Byron Bay lifeboat

Object information

Physical description

A postcard featuring a coloured black and white photograph of a boat on rails on a jetty, and a message on the back. The image shows several men next to a white wooden boat on a wheeled trolley that is on parallel rails stretching down the length of a wooden jetty. There is a life ring on the ground next to one man and two dogs next to another. There is a boat tied up next to the jetty on the left side. Faint text at the bottom of the picture reads "BYRON BAY / LIFEBOAT". On the back the address reads "Mr C. N. Hodgson / Bargain Shop Co. / Inverell". The message starts "Dear Claude / Received your / card. Pleased you arrived / safely. Sorry I could not / say goodbye to you. Going / to hear Donald on Sunday / & Mr Holburn on Tuesday..." The card has a postage stamp and a postmark.

Object information

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