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Redfern Railway Station Sydney

Object information

Physical description

A postcard featuring a coloured illustration of a railway station, and a message on the back. The station has a number of tracks next to and in front of it. There are steam trains stopped at signals on the tracks, and buildings in the background. The sky has pink clouds in it. At the top left is the text "REDFERN RAILWAY STATION SYDNEY". On the back the address reads "Mrs V. Maund / "Silverleigh" / Henrietta St / Waverley / Sydney". The message is dated 2 July 1907 and reads "Mrs Maund your / letter to hand & will / forward same next / Monday morning in / mail train yours [---?] / B [---? Church?] / Scone". There is a postage stamp and a postmark for Scone.

Object information

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