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TSS Karoola

Object information

Physical description

A postcard featuring a black and white photograph of a ship under way, with a message on the back. The ship has a central funnel and a mast at each end. The hull is a dark colour while the upper decks are light coloured. At the lower left of the card is the text "T.S.S. KAROOLA". On the back the Adress is "Miss [Da---?] / c//o A.R. [Da---?] / Chiswick / Webb Avenue [Ch---?] . Ashfield / Sydney / N.S.W". The message is dated Sunday 10th September 1922 and reads " My Dear Lola, / Mother and / I are having a good / trip. It was wet and / rough yesterday but / is fine today. / We had / Church on board this / morning. Be sure and be a good girl. Give / our love to Aunty Gus. / [---?] Sam Uncle [B---?] / Your loving Father." The card has a postage stamp and several illegible postmarks.

Object information


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