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Departure of HMS Gibralter, Sydney 24.12.10


Departure of HMS Gibralter, Sydney 24.12.10

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Physical description

A postcard featuring a photograph of a ship under way with women and a man waving in the foreground. The ship has two funnels with smoke coming from them and two masts. In the rocky foreground there are women in long skirts and large hats holding hankerchiefs in upraised hands. One man stands near them and wears a boater style hat and dark coloured suit. In the bottom left is the printed text "DEPARTURE OF H.M.S. GIBRALTER, / SYDNEY, 24.12.10". On the back of the card is the handwritten text "From Uncle Alex / 1910". There is also a stamp at the top of the card which reads "Himbel & Co. / ALEX WEIR / [---?] PITT STREET / SYDNEY".

Object information


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