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Container made from bull kelp, river reed and tee tree string, by Jacqui Langdon


Container made from bull kelp, river reed and tee tree string, by Jacqui Langdon

Object information

Physical description

An oval shaped bull kelp container. Two sides of the kelp are threaded through two de-barked wooden sticks, supported by river reed fibre. The other unthreaded sides of kelp are curved. A piece of twisted tea tree string has been tied to the centre of the two sticks to form a handle.

Statement of significance

The Tayenebe collection of Tasmanian Aboriginal women's fibre work consists of twenty nine containers - baskets made from fibre and water carriers made from kelp. It also includes three woven fibre specimens and an artist's journal documenting the Tayenebe weaving project that took place from 2006 to 2009.

Eighteen Tasmanian Aboriginal women and girls who took part in the Tayenebe weaving project are represented in the collection, with examples from up to four generations of the same family. The project, both provided creative and professional opportunities for Tasmanian Aboriginal women and was a journey of discovery for them. They analysed the historical baskets held in Tasmanian museums and galleries, learning from these and from each other, about how to reproduce fibre techniques employed by their ancestors. The Tayenebe project provided a structure of collaborative workshops where women from all parts of the state and from a variety of families met at seven locations to attend workshops and to examine the fibre resources of the area. The baskets, containers, string samples and the journal were begun at these workshops and continued at home.

Object information

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