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Newspaper clipping about "Janet Templeton" from "The Argus", dated 23 August 1934


Newspaper clipping about "Janet Templeton" from "The Argus", dated 23 August 1934

Object information

Physical description

An original newspaper clipping from "The Argus" dated 23 August 1934. "The Argus" and the date are handwritten across the top of the clipping. The article is titled "Romance of the Forlonge Merinos" and was written by R.V.B. of "The Australiasian" and A.S. Kenyon. It includes a passport size image of Janet Templeton.

Statement of significance

The Diana Baxter collection no. 2 consists of the following items; a letter dated 11th February 1814 from Mr Guthrie to Miss Forlong, a letter dated 2nd March 1814 from William Gray to Janet Templeton and a newspaper clipping about Janet Templeton from "The Argus", 1934.

The collection relates to Janet Templeton (1785-1857), a woman who played a significant role in the development of the Australian wool industry. Sheep and wool have long been considered of great importance to colonial Australia and wool production dominated Australian exports from the 1870s until well into the twentieth century. The fortunes of those involved in the wool industry have of course, been subject to the rise and fall of the industry itself. Recently historians have reconsidered 'givens' in Australia's pastoral history and John Macarthur's claims to be the 'father' of the industry have now been displaced, not only by his wife Elizabeth, but by other notable woman and their extended families such as Janet Templeton and Eliza Forlong.

The Collection is also significant as it provides further information about Janet Templeton's pearl jewellery (Diana Baxter collection), which was accepted into the National Historical Collection in 1998.

Object information

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