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Green metal kettle damaged in Marysville bushfire, Black Saturday, 7 February 2009


Green metal kettle damaged in Marysville bushfire, Black Saturday, 7 February 2009

Object information

Physical description

A fire-damaged green painted/enamelled stovetop metal kettle, with glass and building debris melted to the spout. Brown rust spots cover the whole surface of the kettle, and the lid has been fused shut.

Statement of significance

The Lynne Stone (Marysville) Collection consists largely of a number of objects from Ms Stone's home in Marysville which was destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires of 7 February 2009. The objects are mainly personal and domestic items badly damaged by the fire, together with several objects relating to the aftermath.

Bushfire is a recurring theme in the Australian experience. Aboriginal people have contended with it for thousands of years. Since the arrival of Europeans, a number of major fires have burnt their way into the public consciousness. The Black Saturday fires of 2009 killed 173 people, destroyed over 2000 homes and burnt 4000 square kilometres. They are the worst fires in Victoria's and Australia's recorded history. This collection powerfully reflects the fire's impact on the lives of ordianry Australians. Consisting of melted glass, destroyed jewellery, and wrecked kitchen and other domestic items, the collection poignantly illustrates the power of bushfire. A car identification sticker, overalls and a community sticker produced by the town after the fires help to convey aspects of the post-fire experience.

Object information

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