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Woy Woy Champion 1925 medal


Woy Woy Champion 1925 medal

Object information

Physical description

A gold and copper coloured circular shaped medal with engraving, a bas relief, and attached decorations on the front. The centre of the medal features a raised circle with a three dimensional picture of two cyclists on a road with trees in the background. Underneath the circle is a semicircular metal decoration of a twisted wire rope, flowers and butterflies[?]. Engraving on the front includes foliage and geometric patterns. The top of the medal is a fish tail shape with a copper coloured metal shield attached. This section also has a loop with a metal ring attached. The back of the medal features the inscription 'Woy Woy Champ / 1925 / Won by / K ROSS' and has the manufacturer's mark stamped underneath.

Statement of significance

The Ken Ross collection comprises 11 medals, 8 sashes and 1 racing jersey which belonged to professional cyclist Ken Ross. Ross competed successfully as a road cyclist in New South Wales during the 1920s and 1930s. He was also among the few Australian cyclists competing in Europe after the First World War and was among the first English-speaking sportsmen to enter German after the conflict had ended. The collection includes medals and sashes won in Australia and Europe.

The bicycle has played an important role in Australian life since the 1880s, both as a sport and as a means of transportation. Cycle racing was immediately popular with clubs forming in every state by the 1890s. The period after the First World War saw a great revival of competitive cycling and local and interstate competitions drew large crowds and full newspaper coverage. The few Australian cyclists who left Australia in the 1920s to compete overseas established a long tradition of professional cyclists who have achieved success at an international level.

Object information

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