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Cardboard box for smoking pipe used by Frank Hardy


Cardboard box for smoking pipe used by Frank Hardy

Object information

Physical description

A rectangular red and gold cardboard box consisting of a base and a lift off lid. The base is gold coloured on the outside and white on the inside. The lid is red with text in gold which reads 'Peterson / The thinking man smokes Peterson'. On the left of the text, is a head and shoulders portrait illustration of a man smoking a pipe. The name 'Peterson" is also printed on one end, while on the other is an orange and white label which reads 'Peterson / SYSTEM "STANDARD" / 313 SMOOTH / KAPP & PETERSON IRELAND'. The label is partially peeling.

Statement of significance

The Frank Hardy collection consists of a Kapp & Peterson Standard System 313 tobacco pipe and its original box. The pipe belonged to author and activist Frank Hardy (1917-1994). The pipe has been used and is in good condition.

Frank Hardy is a significant Australian writer and activist. He achieved prominence through his novel, Power Without Glory (1950), a controversial semi-fictional account of the life of Melbourne identity John Wren. He later became well-known through his role in publicising the strike by Gurindji people at Newcastle Waters station in 1966, and the subsequent Wave Hill walk-off in 1967, through articles in newspapers and a non-fictional account of the strike, The Unlucky Australians (1968). He was one of the first non-Indigenous supporters to recognise that the Gurindji people were not striking for better wages and conditions, but for the return of their traditional lands. This collection is significant for its association with Hardy, as pipe-smoking was very much a part of his persona as a public figure.

Object information

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