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Colourised photographic postcard of Foot bridge at Mosman, NSW


Colourised photographic postcard of Foot bridge at Mosman, NSW

Object information


The structure was built to enable water mains to be carted over a gully, linking Avenue Road and Park Streets, Mosman. A pedestrian walkway was then built along the top of the pipes creating a foot bridge. The design was carried out in 1899 by the NSW Public Works Department as part of the reclamation of land at Mosman Bay to form Reid Park.

Physical description

A postcard featuring a colourised photograph of the suspension foot bridge connecting Avenue Road to Park Avenue over Reid Park, Mosman. The image is taken from the Park Avenue side of the bridge looking east to Avenue Road. The bridge depicted is a suspension bridge resembling an arched steel aqueduct with a railed pedestrian walkway. Vegetation including eucalypts can be seen in the foreground of the image. Residential buildings in Mosman can be seen in the background of the image. It has the words "Footbridge. Mosman" and "Sydney Pleasure Resort Series 58. / Kerry (Copyright) Sydney." in the bottom left and right corners respectively. Some of the text on this postcard is faded. The image is in portrait format.

Object information

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