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Wooden club with pokerwork design, attributed to Coranderrk


Wooden club with pokerwork design, attributed to Coranderrk

Object information

Physical description

A wooden elliptical, tapered club, featuring a truncated handle and three distinct clusters of 'U' shapes incised along its length. Four sets of horizontal lines are featured along the club with short vertical lines within them.

Statement of significance

This collection of 150 objects shows the agency of Indigenous people in designing and making 'tourist' artefacts and demonstrates their engagement with the non-Indigenous economy. It expands the NMA's collection of these often overlooked 'tourist, souvenir', Aboriginal objects.

The attribution of many of the artefacts in this collection to particular artists and places is a significant element of this collection, as artefacts by known artists are difficult to obtain, and are a useful means of giving agency to Aboriginal histories. The NMA has very few Indigenous artefacts with artists attributed to them.

Object information

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