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'The Waterman' Tom Tug and Bundle figure


'The Waterman' Tom Tug and Bundle figure

Object information

Physical description

A colour, cardboard figure of two man seated at a table eating and drinking. The man on the left is wearing blue pants, a yellow shirt, a dark blue jacket and a top hat. The man on the right is wearing yellow pantaloons, a red vest and a purple jacket. Printed on the front of the figure is "Tom Tug Bundle" and handwritten on the back is "Bundle P2 Tom Tug".

Statement of significance

The Everitt and George Family collection consists of over 800 objects including a Toy Theatre with a 'Redington' proscenium and a second back stage, play booklets and associated scenery, photographs of the Toy Theatre, and documents and working notes related to the collection. The collection is in good condition.

The Toy Theatre was invented in England around 1811, reflecting the popularity of pantomimes and plays performed in the leading theatres around London in the same period. They soon became a favourite pastime for teenage boys and adult collectors alike, with a long list of publishers producing a wealth of material. B Pollock was one of the most famous of these publishers and the earliest pieces in this collection have been attributed to Pollock. Though this was largely an English tradition the collection reflects the first owner Edward Everitt's heritage, who migrated to Australia in the 19th century bringing parts of the Toy Theatre with him.

Object information

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