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Sam Browne belt associated with T.L.F. Rutledge


Sam Browne belt associated with T.L.F. Rutledge

Object information

Physical description

A belt for a horse made of thick tan leather in two main sections. One section is a circular loop secured with a metal buckle [fits horizontally round the waist]. The other section, is secured to this at two points by metal D-rings, forming a loop [and covers the front of the body on the diagonal].

Statement of significance

This collection comprises four objects directly associated with Thomas Lloyd Forster Rutledge (1889-1958), a member of the Australian Light Horse during both World Wars. These items are a modified officer's saddle and the attached decorative breastplate, a Sam Browne military belt, two saddlebags and a small horseshoe case containing a metal shoe. The objects appear to have been issued between 1914 and the mid-1940s during Rutledge's military service and are all in good condition.

The Australian Light Horsemen, wearing the distinctive emu plumed slouch hat and mounted on the legendary Waler, had a well-known reputation for toughness and resilience. Among the Light Horse's most notable campaigns were their battle for possession of the Palestinian town of Rafa, and the charge at Beersheba in modern Israel. Thomas Rutledge was a pastoralist and experienced horseman who became a commended member of the 11th and 7th Light Horse Regiments during the First World War. He reenlisted during the Second World War to train another generation of Light Horse troops.

Object information

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