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Squatter board game, 25th Anniversary, Murfett edition


Squatter board game, 25th Anniversary, Murfett edition

Object information

Physical description

A copy of the board game 'SQUATTER', published by 'Murfett'. The board game is contained within a cardboard box (base and lid) with a printed colour design featuring a photograph of a man riding a horse behind a flock of sheep, a green border, and a silver sticker with the inscription '25th / Anniversary / SQUATTER'. Contained within the box are; a game board with a multicoloured design and green backing, two pale blue cardboard 'READY RECKONER' cards, 1 orange paper rule booklet, six yellow 'HAY STACK' cards, 18 pink 'TUCKER BAG' cards, five yellow 'STUD RAM' cards, 26 green 'STOCK SALE' cards, five pale blue 'WORM CONTROL PROGRAMME' cards, five pale blue 'FERTILIZED PASTURE' cards, five pale blue 'CONTROL of WEEDS and INSECTS' cards, 30 blue 'IRRIGATED PASTURE' cards, 28 green 'IMPROVED PASTURE' cards, two plastic dice (white with black dots), six plastic playing pieces and six plastic counters (blue, yellow, red, green, black & white), 182 (and 1 broken) plastic 'sheep' tokens, two booklets of play money, six rubber bands, a white plastic tray with moulded compartments, and a false cardboard base printed with the same scene as used on the lid of the box.

Statement of significance

The Squatter Game collection consists of nine items related to the 'Squatter' board game, all of which belong to the game's inventor, Robert Lloyd.

'Squatter's' focus on sheep farming reflects the inextricable link between this industry and Australian history more broadly. Since 1788, wool has been central to Australia's economy, agricultural practices and to the collective consciousness of its people. Early settlers soon discovered that with its infertile soil and dry climate, Australia was well suited to the production of high quality wool. The fibre quickly became the cornerstone of Australian agriculture and the nation is often said to have 'ridden on the sheep's back' as it strove for economic development. The 'Squatter' boardgame, which has been a household favourite in Australia for 45 years, offers players a rough simulation of life as a sheep farmer with all the daily trials and tribulations this entails.

Object information

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