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New South Wales Rugby League football cap, 1922


New South Wales Rugby League football cap, 1922

Object information

Physical description

A blue velvet, peaked cap. The cap features silver coloured metallic flat ribbon trim around the edge with a zigzag pattern on it. The crown is segmented by silver coloured cord decoration which culminates at the top with a silver coloured button and tassel. The button and tassel both consist of closely coiled metal threads that look like springs. The top of the tassel has lost some of the coils. The front of the cap has a kangaroo filled in rows of couched silver coloured coiled metal threads with the text "N.S.W.R.F.L" in silver coloured short coils. On the peak of the cap is the year "1922" in silver coloured coiled metal thread.

Statement of significance

The Vic Armbruster collection comprises a 1922 NSW Rugby league cap, a 1924 Queensland Rugby League cap, a 1924 Australian cap and a Kangaroos jersey, dating from 1929-30.

Louis Victor Armbruster, known throughout his career as "Vic", played Rugby League for both NSW and QLD, and was a member of the legendary Toowoomba Clydesdales, as well as representing Australia internationally. His career is illustrated by the collection material. Caps were issued to rugby league players as part of their off-field uniform, and were worn on official occasions. The cap was a legacy of an established tradition in rugby union, and was only given to players of representative sides. They featured as a prominent part of representative football uniform up until the late 1930s. The three Vic Armbruster caps are illustrative of the caps issued to members of representative rugby league teams throughout the 1920s. Jerseys are the most recognisable item of Rugby League memorabilia, being part of the universal uniform of football, though for all this they are quite rare, having by their very nature been subjected to much wear and tear. They also serve as a valuable tool for tracking the evolution of the game in terms of styles and team colours. The Kangaroos jersey among the Armbruster material dates from 1929, and represents the very first incarnation of the Kangaroos jersey, which has continued to be used with little alteration since then.

Object information

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