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Group of people holding racquets


Group of people holding racquets

Object information

Physical description

A card featuring an outdoors group portrait with some holding racquets. All but one of the group are seated or reclined and there is a chair to one side. There are three men and nine women in the photograph as well as one boy and one other child. The younger women are wearing fitted skirts with light coloured gathered blouses over a corset and the older women wear fitted dark coloured jacket and skirt outfits. One women to the left wears a white apron and her headdress does not appear to have a brim. The women wear tall structured hats some have cylinder shaped crowns and others are more rounded with down curving brims. The man to the back left has a full beard and wears a waistcoat and shirt sleeves whilst the man to the right has a moustache and wears a light coloured jacket and trousers over his waistcoat and high collared shirt. The man in the centre appears to be clean shaven and wears a shirt and trousers. All the men wear hats with brims. The boy wears a sailor suit with calf length boots and a straw hat is at his feet. The group are posed on grass with a background of dense trees.

Statement of significance

The Gallaway-Gore collection consists of a number of objects, including a sword and scabbard, a family bible and prayer book, several framed portraits, and a number of family papers including letters, deeds, wills, birth and marriage certificates pertaining to the Gore-Gallaway family.

There is a long history of achievement among the generations of the Gore-Gallaway family, including three generations of maritime service, from Captain John Gore senior, who sailed with Captain James Cook on the Endeavour, his son Rear Admiral John Gore junior, who migrated to Australia and settled the property 'Gilmour' near Lake Bathurst, to his grandson Graham Gore, who was lost on the Franklin expedition. This history, as well as the family's subsequent experiences on 'Gilmour', are documented within the collection.

Object information

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