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Charles Sturt Discovered Darling River 1828 Explored Murray R 1829 [Ex]pedition into Central Australia 1844


Object information





W 140mm x H 88mm


Physical Description

A coloured postcard featuring an illustration of Charles Sturt superimposed over a map of Australia. Text accompanying the image reads "Charles Sturt / Discovered Darling R 1828 / Explored Murray R 1829 / [Ex]pedition into Central Australia / 1844". Four illustrations surround the map. The illustrations are consecutively titled "An incident / on / Murray / River", "The site of / Broken Hill", "The underground chamber", and "Stopped by / the forest / of reeds". The postcard is addressed to "Mrs. G. Lou. Brown / Moonan Flat / via Scone". The message reads "Dear Auntie / I really / dont know if I owe you / a letter or not. So I am / dropping you a card / to see how you are. Want rain pretty / badly down here Love to all [...?]". The card is postmarked "JERRYS PLAINS / 23 JU 1959 / N.S.W."


Date of Event

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