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Entrance to Govt. House


Entrance to Govt. House

Object information

Physical description

Square, glass, black and white photographic lantern slide showing the entrance to the grounds of Government House in Melbourne. The image is headed with a handwritten title which reads "Entrance to Govt. House". Beneath the image is a printed label which reads "W.H. COOPER, Lantern Slide Maker, Royal Arcade, Melb."

Statement of significance

The Alexandra District Historical Association (ADHA) Collection comprises 73 photographic glass slides depicting a range of late 19th century architectural and natural sites in Melbourne and Tasmania.

The ADHA collection of lantern slides provide an illustration of Melbourne's burgeoning cityscape and a range of Tasmanian vistas, as they would have appeared in the late 19th century. The images which comprise this collection are views which have been inexorably altered with the passage of time, or which, in some cases, no longer exist. As such they are historically significant in and of themselves, yet also help to illustrate the growth of photography as an industry. At the end of the 19th century photography was rapidly increasing in popularity due to the invention of the highly portable and easy to operate dry plate process. As a medium, lantern slides were both keenly collected by members of the public, and utilised by official bodies to encourage tourism, investment and immigration through their use in public lectures.

Object information

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