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Home-made rug comprising of numerous felt prize ribbons dating from 1973


Home-made rug comprising of numerous felt prize ribbons dating from 1973

Object information

Physical description

A home-made rug comprising numerous felt prize ribbons dating from 1973. The uppermost ribbon is red and has text in pale blue, reading "ROYAL EASTER SHOW, 1973". The ribbons are of different colours; red, yellow, blue, white, black, green, and pale blue. The rug is trimmed around the edge with a fringe of thick, fluffy yellow wool.

Statement of significance

The Woodleigh Shorthorn Stud Collection is an extensive collection of trophies, ribbons, medals, badges, prize certificates, showing equipment and stud cattle photographs. The items are associated with a beef shorthorn stud established by the Davis family of the Corowa district in the early 1950s, and are in good condition.

These objects record a recent expression of a long tradition of showing stud livestock at agricultural shows in Australia and Britain. Stud competitions at annual shows in Australian cities and regional centres enabled the gradual improvement of sheep and cattle herds. Shorthorn cattle proved adaptable and hardy in Australia, and became one of the dominant breeds. The Woodleigh Shorthorn Stud Collection helps to record the successful establishment of the shorthorn breed in Australia and the role of agricultural shows in enabling the improvement of cattle breeds. The collection also reflects the dramatic changes experienced by the rural sector in the second half of the twentieth century as tightening economic conditions forced many rural families, including the Davis family, to sell their properties.

Object information

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