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SMA Welfare Council, Inter-Divisional Cricket Trophy, A J Daffy Memorial


SMA Welfare Council, Inter-Divisional Cricket Trophy, A J Daffy Memorial

Object information

Physical description

A sporting trophy made of metal, with a round base, rectangular central section and a top section featuring a pair of cricket bats and a wreath. The trophy also has two curved metal branches starting from the circular lower section and ending at the rectangular section, giving the appearance of a wreath. On the central section is inscribed 'SMA', and on the bottom section is, 'SMA Welfare Council / Inter-Divisional Cricket Trophy / A.J.Daffy Memorial' on one side and 'S.M.A. Welfare Council / Inter-divisional Cricket Trophy' on the other. The top wreath and bats are attached to a rod that goes through a hole in the top of the rectangular section. The rod is currently loose and can move up and down.The other end of the rod has a wing nut on it.

Statement of significance

The Snowy Scheme - Snowy Hydro Collection consists of a variety of objects relating to the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. These include stream gauging meters, snow survey tubes, work boots, jackhammers, a rock bolt, drill cores, models, surveyors' record sheets, interpretative light boxes, a snow-clearing sign, and a sporting cup.

The Snowy Scheme is Australia's largest engineering work and one of the great engineering feats of the world. Designed to produce irrigation water and electricity, the Scheme took 25 years to construct, 1949-74. Including 7 power stations, 16 dams and 225 kilometres of aqueducts and tunnels, the Scheme was built by a workforce of 100,000 people, two-thirds of whom came from overseas. The scheme played a major part in making Australia multi-cultural, and also in developing Australia's manufacturing, technical and engineering capacities. This collection, consisting of a broad range of Snowy objects, reflects many aspects of the Scheme, from investigation, construction and social life through to promotion of the Scheme to the public.

Object information

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