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David Jones

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The 'Forbes Advocate' gave this report on 17 December 1920: "This is not the first time that David Jones Ltd has demonstrated the practicability of commercial aviation in New South Wales; about twelve months ago a flight was undertaken to Bathurst on behalf of the company, while in May 1919 an aeroplane was used in Sydney for the first time for the purpose of distributing circulars over the whole of the metropolitan area, announcing a special event. Then again in November of last year a consignment of parcels was delivered from Sydney to Goulburn."

Physical description

An unused postcard featuring a black and white photograph of a propeller aeroplane with the text "David Jones" written under one wing. In the top left corner of the postcard there are two black and white portrait photographs of men with the signatures of "[---?] Matthew" and "P. King" underneath them. Text below the photograph of the plane says it is the "David Jones aeroplane" which "left Sydney for Goulburn /...on Dec. 15th, 1920". Printed text on the back of the postcard says it is a souvenir of that flight which was the "first occasion on which Xmas gifts / had been delivered by plane in / Australia".

Object information

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