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Wooden arrow with cardboard fletching or fin


Wooden arrow with cardboard fletching or fin

Object information

Physical description

A light coloured wooden arrow with a cardboard fletching or fin. The wood has been shaped to a point at one end. The beige triangular cardboard fin has been inserted into a hole made at the other end. White string is tied around the body of the arrow above the cardboard fin.

Statement of significance

The collection consists of one dibble (or digging stick), four cardboard signs, two knives, the head of a small hoe, a cross-bow and arrows used by Chai Vang and Por Ye, Hmong market gardeners in Tasmania. The metal objects were made in Thailand by Chai Vang's father, a traditional Hmong blacksmith, and the wooden items and cardboard signs were made by Chai in Hobart.

Chai Vang and Por Ye arrived in Australia with their eight children as refugees from Laos in 1991. The family settled in Hobart, Tasmania within the small Hmong community that had established itself during the 1970s. In 2000 the family began to farm on several acres of land near Hobart and sell their produce at the Salamanca Markets. The Hmong market gardeners have become an important part of Tasmania's social, cultural and agricultural scene through their involvement with the Salamanca Markets and their willingness to share aspects of their traditional culture with the wider community.

Object information

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