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Circular metal dog registration tag REGD DOG JULY 1, 1901 - JUNE 30, 1902


Circular metal dog registration tag REGD DOG JULY 1, 1901 - JUNE 30, 1902

Object information

Physical description

Circular cuprous metal dog registration tag. 'REGD DOG" with an 'Advance Australia' coat of arms is stamped at the centre on the front with " JULY 1. 1901. JUNE 30. 1902." around the edge. "REG NO. 15 / DIST. 153" is stamped on the reverse. A circular hole is formed at the top of the tag.

Statement of significance

The Dog Registration Tag collection consists of eight copper dog registration tags dating from 1893 to 1932 which depict the 'Advance Australia' coat of arms. The 'Advance Australia' coat of arms comprises of a four quadrant shield supported by the kangaroo on the viewer's left and the emu on the viewer's right. In the first quarter of the shield is a golden fleece; the second quarter a three-masted schooner with its sails rolled up; the third a wheat sheaf; and the fourth a shovel and pick in saltire (crossed). A six pointed star appears above the shield, and a scroll appears below.

Used on-and-off since the 1820s, the 'Advance Australia' arms has been closely linked with the rise in Australian nationalism, and was made popular in the final decades of the nineteenth century in the lead up to federation. Exactly who designed the arms is unknown, however the arms have been used by a variety of organisations and individuals to support the federation of the colonial states, and later, to illustrate loyalty to the Australian nation.

Object information

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