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Jungle Gym presented to Ainslie Primary School by Prime Minister James Scullin in 1930


Jungle Gym presented to Ainslie Primary School by Prime Minister James Scullin in 1930

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Physical description

Jungle Gym playground equipment, which is made of steel rods that are bolted together to form a structure of joined cubes, that is concreted into the ground when used in situ. It has a plaque attached to two of the poles which reads "Trade Mark / Jungle Gym / reg U.S. Pat off / The Play Ground Equipment Co. / 122 Grennich St / New York City / Licence by / Jungle Gym, Inc, Chicago / Patented / Oct 23 1923 - March 25 1924.".

Statement of significance

The collection contains one jungle gym, which when constructed, was a cubed shaped piece of play equipment concreted into the ground. The multiple cubes were made by round metal bars. The equipment held 100 children and was 4.8 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 3.2 metres high. It is currently dismantled and in good condition.

The jungle gym is representative of the playground movement which advocated supervised play as a way to foster children's physical, social and cognitive development. Playgrounds were also seen as an antidote to the conditions of city slums. Playgrounds were first built in the late 19th century with significant growth in the numbers of playgrounds at schools and on public land in the early 20th century. However by the 1980s and 1990s many jungle gyms and other climbing equipment were removed. Heightened public awareness of the injuries caused by falls from climbing equipment lead many schools and councils across Australia to remove jungle gyms.

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  • This Jungle Gym was a present to the people of Australia by philanthropist Louise Whitfield Carnegie of the Carnegie Corporation, New York, and it was subsequently presented to Ainslie Primary School in Canberra by Prime Minister Scullin on 24 July 1930

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