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Essences of the Eighties


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Essences of the Eighties

Object information

Physical description

Installation artwork that comprises 17 sculptures. Each sculpture is made up of a latex caricature head of a man in a jar and each jar bears a label that features the sculpture's title and some information relating to it. The individual sculptures are titled: "Crean Cream"; "Lead Sinker"; "Mick Syrup"; "Gaddafi Gall"; "Button Brasso"; "Nifty Perfume"; "Extract of Stone"; "Unsworth Unction"; "Princely Gravy"; "Bush Tucker"; "Super Sweetener"; "Don's Truth Drug"; "Cain Sandwich Paste"; "Gorby Goobie"; "Vice-Regal Bicky"; "The "Y" Factor"; and "Murphy's Law".

Object information

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