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Film negative - The man has grouped his two wives and children according to blood relationships, north of Mt Davies, Tomkinson Ranges, South Australia, Ullparidja people, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1903


Object information





L 81mm x W 98mm



Reproduced by Basedow in 'Journal of the Government North-West Expedition', "Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch", vol. XV, plate 20/2. Caption reads: 'NATIVE FAMILY, N. OF MOUNT DAVIES, MAY 22nd. / The old man has grouped his two wives and children according to blood-relationships, and is in the act of explaining matters in detail. The gap in the centre was originally occupied by a very timid girl who, at the critical moment, fled behind her father's back. She can be seen peeping round his lft shoulder.'

Physical Description

Black and white film negative. shows a man, woman and five children infront of a rocky hill. Two girls are on the left and on the other side of a small gap are a girl, boy, womand and the man. Another child can be seen partially seen behind the man's left shoulder.


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