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Kerosene tin

Object information

Physical description

A rectangular metal container made from a kerosene tin with a wire handle attached at the top opening. Faded text on one side of the tin states "LAUREL/Kerosene/For /Lamps,Heaters/Incubators, Brooders/and cleaning./NETT CONTENTS 4 IMP. GALS/VACUUM OIL COMPANY PTY/LTD.(Incorporated in Australia)VACUUM/QUALITY PRODUCT". The surface of the tin is very rusted and scratched with many small holes evident on the base of the tin.

Statement of significance

The Julie and Antoine Bos collection consists of items of wool production technology, shearer's furniture and domestic household technology. The wool production technology - wool bale scales, bale stencils, and bale pack - complete existing NMA collections illustrating shearing shed technology and extend geographic, temporal and material range of existing stencil collections. The shearer's furniture - bed frames, stool, bench, cupboard, buckets and water heater - illustrate living conditions and cultural priorities for itinerant shearers between the 1920's and 1960's, and demonstrate rural traditions of 'make-do' furniture. The importance of the wool industry to Australian economic, social and symbolic history indicates the significance of these conditions.

These items of household technology - ice chest, food safe and gas stove - constitute examples of typical household appliances used in Australia during the first half of the twentieth century. They represent objects of aspiration for many Australians, in their time being regarded as modern and progressive, and illustrate conditions of life and domestic labour for many Australian men and women. The 'Esky' and 'Kooka' brands are iconic in terms of Australian domestic life.

Object information

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