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Plate decorated with pre-Federation coat of arms


Plate decorated with pre-Federation coat of arms

Object information

Physical description

Octagonal white plate with a gold rim. The face of the plate has a rope decoration around the edge and British crossed white ensigns at the top. At the base is the unofficial pre-Federation Australian coat of arms, which incorporates a rising sun. Five colour transfer decorations depict Sydney monuments, including the "POST OFFICE", "WYNYARD SQUARE", "THE STATUE OF CAPTAIN COOK", "THE TOWN HALL", "MACQUARIE STREET". The maker's crest "Designed by G. Hodgson. JUN.r & Co. RoNo 29565. Summer Hill" is on the base of the plate.

Statement of significance

The Margaret Gibb Collection consists of three items of souvenir crockery. One, a heavy china plate decorated with scenes of Sydney, pre-Federation unofficial coat of arms and Federation flags, was produced in England for the Australian market in 1885. Two, a bone china tall cup decorated with a picture of HMAS Sydney and the 1908 unofficial coat of arms on the observe was produced in 1914 to celebrate the Sydney seeking the German ship Emden. Three, a scalloped china plate decorated with a scene of Nobby's Peninsula in Newcastle was produced in England in the 1920s, probably to fill an order placed by a Newcastle retailer.

The Margaret Gibb Collection demonstrates a range of souvenir crockery produced for the Australian market in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The decoration on the crockery indicates an emerging taste in Australia for national symbology, the development of the home as a site for expressing national identity and patriotic sentiment, and the economic relations between Britain and Australia in the China tableware market.

Object information

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