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Flour bag

Object information

Physical description

A calico bag or sack featuirng faded red and blue text which reads "GOWS / SPECIALLY SIEVED & ENTOLETED / PLAIN FLOUR / 25LBS GROSS WEIGHT / WHEN PACKED / R.M. GOW & CO. LTD. 94 ROMA ST. / BRISBANE". The opening at the top of the bag has frayed along the edges. There are stains on the surface of the bag.

Statement of significance

The Judy McPhee collection is an early 20th century trousseau. It is an integrated set of items all made by one woman, Muriel McPhee, between about 1916 and 1918, in preparation for her wedding and subsequent married life. As an expression of what she thought of as her future status and actuality - how she expected to be defined - it tells us a great deal about familial , social and cultural determinants of women's status and self perception at that time, and about what happened when they failed to achieve their 'true destinies' as wives and mothers. It is also a fine example of a range of handcrafts representative ofthe period.

Object information

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