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Wooden container made by Erlikilyika (Jim Kite)


Wooden container made by Erlikilyika (Jim Kite)

Object information


Erlikilyika was a Lower Southern Arrernte man born in c1865 in the area where the Charlotte Waters Telegraph Station was built in central Australia in1872. During his life he became a well-known innovative carver who used both wood, and soft stone (kaolinite), sourced from near Charlotte Waters.

Physical description

Coolamon (oval wooden container) with rounded ends, featuring longitudinal fluting on both surfaces. Animal motifs are carved in low relief on the posterior surface; images are pigmented white on red ground. A hole is drilled at one end and a length of wire is threaded and knotted through it.

Object information


  • Associated date

  • 1934
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  • Date the Commonwealth of Australia purchased the Herbert Basedow collection for the Australian Institute of Anatomy, from Basedow's widow.

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