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1997 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Set


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1997 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Set

Object information

Physical description

Coin proof set consisting of a box, booklet and coin set. The box contains a 1997 Royal Australian Mint Proof Coin Set. A dark green card frames five images of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and the Southern Cross plane, and the contents are described on the back. A dark green plastic folder contains six proof coins commemorating Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith. On the front of the folder are the words "Royal Australian Mint" and an Australian Coat of Arms printed in white. Inside a hinged plastic insert holds Australian coins from five cents up to two dollars. Includes a folded green card booklet located inside the plastic sleeve of the coin set. The booklet features a black and white photograph of Kingsford-Smith and text that reads "1997 Proof Coin set, Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith...1897-1935...Royal Australian Mint". There are two black and white photographs inside with detailed inforamtion printed in black on a cream background.

Object information

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