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Object information

Physical description

Printed government stationery with typed letter of thanks. Text at top right "COMMONWEALTH TREASURY / CANBERRA. F.C.T.". Dated and signed 10 February, 1931 to Mr Hyland from Edward G. Theodore. Note in pencil, top left "3 Copies made / 16/2/31".

Statement of significance

The Robin Moorhouse Collection consists of a Penfolds Wines desk set, a visitor's book, and five accounting books relating to other properties (mainly the Dalwood winery, which was taken over by Penfolds).

Winemaking began in Australia in the first half of the nineteenth century and has developed into a major Australian industry. Wine is a significant part of Australia's domestic market and is an important export earner. It has become established as part of Australia's cultural and social life. Penfolds is one of the oldest names in this industry, and its Grange Hermitage is perhaps the most famous name in Australian wine. The collection casts important light on the development of the Australian wine industry, Penfolds in particular but also the early Dalwood winery which holds a significant place in the Australian wine story. Further, the collection relates to Australian decorative arts, accounting practices of the nineteenth century, and celebrity lifestyles of the early twentieth century.

Object information

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