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Reconciliation by Bessie Campbell


Reconciliation by Bessie Campbell

Object information

Physical description

Painting on canvas on wooden stretcher. Scene in acrylic of faces of all colours in circles intersected by dotted lines with text at centre in black and white "WORKING TOGETHER / AS ONE / RECONCILIATION". Segments within painting with text include "TRADE / AND / INDUSTRY", "ATSIC", "COMMUNITY / HEALTH CENTRE" and "CENTRELINK". Text in black marker on reverse at top "JUL 02 BCA 280 60 X 90 cm", and circular ink stamp bottom left.

Statement of significance

The Bessie Campbell collection is an Aboriginal acrylic painting on canvas (905 x 600 mm) entitled 'Reconciliation'. The structural form of the painting resembles a conventional 'dot' painting iwith the word reconciliation featured in the centre. Using circles, lines, text and symbols, the painting expresses the artist's view of how institutions and people come together 'as one' in a remote Indigenous setting.

The emergence of 'reconciliation' in the late 1980s forms an integral part of the history of changing ideals and policies toward Aboriginal people and their accommodation within the nation since Federation. This painting illustrates how reconciliation is viewed from a remote Indigenous perspective. The combination of traditional and modern elements including text that come together in this painting is not often seen in collections of central Australian Indigenous art.

Object information

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