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Raiki wara - untitled batik silk textile by Yilpi Adamson, 2005


Raiki wara - untitled batik silk textile by Yilpi Adamson, 2005

Object information

Physical description

A length of pure silk dyed using batik technique. The dyes used are napthol azoic dyes in shades of purple, brown and white. The design features a central vertical strip of oval-shaped marks [indicating a creek bed] and a border pattern of rows of circular shapes indicating 'tjukula' (waterholes). Written in white at the bottom right edge of the silk is the name 'Yilpi Adamson'.

Statement of significance

The Ernabella Collection No. 7 consists of a wide variety of material dating from the early 1990s to early 2005. The collection includes baskets, seed body ornaments, paintings on silk and canvas, some prints, batiks and an important group of ceramics that were produced between 1997 and 2005.

These objects represent the continuing dynamism of cultural practices at Ernabella, and the manner in which the communities at Ernabella have responded to change in the region. They attest to the desire within the community to maintain cultural practices while developing commercial enterprises that provide an economic base for the community. The collection demonstrates the Ernabella community's continuing expression of cultural heritage through the production of new forms and provides direct links to earlier cultural practices and iconography.

Object information

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