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1883 Grubb Refractor Telescope


1883 Grubb Refractor Telescope

Object information

Physical description

1883 Grubb Refractor Telescope with associated parts and attachments. The telescope has a tapering cast iron base in two parts. The polar axis assembly is made from cast iron and brass, and comes with three separate disc weights. The declination access assembly is made from cast iron and steel and comes with a cylindrical weight with a pulley on the top.

Statement of significance

The Benson collection comprises an astronomical telescope, a refractor of 152mm aperture, equatorially mounted with drive, manufactured by Grubb, Dublin, in 1883, and numerous associated optics and telescope accessories. The collection was owned and used for observational work by several of Australia's most significant nineteenth and early twentieth century amateur astronomers.

Scientific astronomy has been intimately connected with Australian history since the first European voyages to the continent, and the nation maintains an international eminence in this discipline. Amateur astronomers were instrumental in establishing the science in Australia during the late nineteenth century, through both the quality of their scientific work and their efforts to develop professional institutions and grow popular support for astronomy.

Object information

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