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Object information

Physical description

A burnished, wooden boomerang incised with decorative designs covering one face, featuring a symmetrical pattern along the edges. At the apex of the boomerang, on the decorated side, the timber is a lighter colour than the rest of the boomerang. On the non-decorated face there is attached a small, square, white paper sticker with the number '34' printed on it, in the centre of this face, the number '4' is written in black ink.

Statement of significance

The collection of 19th century north-west NSW Aboriginal artefacts consists of one unusual shield, one rare lil-lil club, three incised boomerangs and two fluted fighting clubs. The collection is in excellent condition.

Aboriginal groups across Australia have designs that are uniquely theirs and which, when presented in particular orders, make strong statements about group and personal identities. These 19th century artefacts - with their high degree of intricate decoration particular to south-east Australia - are an important acquisition for this reason and because they originate from a region notoriously difficult to document with Indigenous material.

Object information

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