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The Long walk's 'Where is the love?' t-shirt


The Long walk's 'Where is the love?' t-shirt

Object information

Physical description

A black t-shirt with white text printed at chest level that reads 'THE LONG WALK / Where Is The Love?'.

Statement of significance

The Michael Long collection consists of a black 'Where is the love?' t-shirt, grey trousers and a pair of reef sandals.

In ?The Long Walk?, 2004, former Australian Football League player Michael Long demonstrated how local leadership could capture national attention. He used his celebrity position to influence his community and inform the nation about larger social issues he felt need to be addressed. He created his own grassroots reconciliation movement by inspiring people and rekindling their hope for active social change. The Long Walk began as a mission of hope, became an act of reconciliation and is now an annual event that raises funds for the Sir Douglas Nicholls Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership.

Object information

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