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Novadu Terpi - Pattern book


Novadu Terpi - Pattern book

Object information

Physical description

Paperback, printed black and white pattern book for construction of Latvian national costumes, featuring illustrations. Text in Latvian. Title text "NOVADU TERPI" and lines below "LATVIJAS LAUKSAIMNIECIBAS KAMERA".

Statement of significance

The Mrs G. Kinne Collection No 2. includes an amber necklace and a 1939 Latvian pattern book, 'Novadu T?rpi' (District Gowns). The pattern book was used by Mrs Kinne to sew the blouse and sleeveless vest which was part of her traditional Latvian costume, acquired by the National Museum of Australia in 1989. The long amber necklace was sent to Mrs Kinne by her sister in law from Latvia in the 1950s and was worn with the costume on various occasions.

Mrs Kinne's experiences are representative of post-war Latvian migration to Australia. After World War Two, the Australian Government adopted a new immigration policy which encouraged European emigration to Australia to boost a low population. By 1952 almost 20,000 Latvians had come to Australia as part of the program. Many, including Mrs Kinne, participated in Latvian community organisations formed to help maintain cultural activities and provide mutual social support as emigrants adapted to life in their new country. Mrs Kinne and her husband arrived in 1948 and settled in Melbourne. They became actively involved in the Good Neighbour Program and took part in various Latvian celebrations and gatherings where Mrs Kinne wore her traditional costume.

Object information


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